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  • GREEN GODDESS; easy recipe

    All hail! This Green Goddess dip is easy to make, easy to use, and easy to love. Best of all, it's good for you so go ahead and have that Chardonnay or IPA alongside of it on a hot summer day.
  • WING IT; easy recipe

    Don't blink because you'll miss the two step instructions...and then the wings which will get eaten fast! These are deceptively easy to make, but the flavors of bittersweet, aromatic and spice will astound. They will become your go-to wingman for any dinner, snack or party app...

    This recipe was inspired by a memory when I was a kid and longed for THAT green bean casserole made with canned mushroom soup. My Japanese mom, Julia Child's fangirl, refused to make it so it wasn't until I was a rebellious young adult that I coveted that creamed concoction an...
  • How-To Cook with Pairing Salts®

    Good food doesn't have to be hard with Pairing Salts®!

    This Pairing Salts™ recipe was inspired by Tricia, my friend, who invited me to my first Feast of 7 Fishes years ago. Executive by day, huge foodie all around, she has hosted many a holiday gathering with food she makes seem so effortlessly simple, but simply delicious. We're ...
  • 2020 GUACAMOLE; Easy Recipe

    'All dressed-up and no where to go' doesn't have to be the theme of your 2020 holiday meals. Pairing Salts™ dresses-up all dishes and merry! merry! It will guarantee a perfect pairing with your favorite bottle of vino or beer - just read the label. Be sure to make enough of th...
  • ROASTED VEGETABLES; easy recipe

    It wasn't by design that my kids got the glutton gene like their momma, but more from being around me tasting and experimenting all the time. The idea of 'eating the rainbow' with roasted veggies and our Pairing Salts is nostalgic of time spent playing in the kitchen when they...
  • GRILLED BEEF KEBABS; easy recipe

    The history and culture of Turkey were always reasons, but I'd be lying if I didn't admit it was really the food and spices that drew me back for a second visit, this time without a backpack. This recipe doesn't come with the gorgeous tapestries and sights, but it does pack an...
  • Pairing Salts™ Brings A Slow Food Revolution

    When we are present while preparing our food we get to slow down, take a deep breath and smell the roses — or rosemary.