This recipe was inspired by a memory when I was a kid and longed for THAT green bean casserole made with canned mushroom soup. My Japanese mom, Julia Child's fangirl, refused to make it so it wasn't until I was a rebellious young adult that I coveted that creamed concoction and made it on my own - short lived! As an adult, I now realize the power of homemade, especially if it's twice as tasty, healthier for you and no coincidence that if made with Pairing Salts pairs perfectly with wine and beer. I promise you'll love this simple funghi ( get it, fun guy ) sauce forever!


Syrah1 Pairing Salts | 1/3C shallot, sliced | 2C mushrooms, sliced | 1tbsp butter or butter substitute | 1tsp vinegar | 2tbsp water | olive oil | chopped parsley

Cooking instructions:

1. - Heat 1tbsp butter and 1tbsp olive oil on low heat till butter is melted. 

2. - Add shallots to pan and cook until they are softened, approximately 2minutes.

3. - Add 2C mushrooms, 1tbsp Syrah Pairing Salts to pan and sauté until mushrooms are browned, approximately 5minutes. Stir constantly as the mushrooms will absorb the butter quickly, but as they cook, will release juice so they will not burn.

4. - Add 2tbsp water, 1tsp of vinegar, chopped parsley to the mixture and voila! Serve on the side, over a protein, or even as a vegetarian entree over pasta or rice.