2020 GUACAMOLE; Easy Recipe

2020 GUACAMOLE; Easy Recipe

'All dressed-up and no where to go' doesn't have to be the theme of your 2020 holiday meals. Pairing Salts® dresses-up all dishes and merry! merry! It will guarantee a perfect pairing with your favorite bottle of vino or beer - just read the label.

Be sure to make enough of this delish guacamole because you'll want it as an appetizer and for those mile-high leftover turkey sandwiches all day long!


Shopping list:

Riesling1 Pairing Salts™ | 4 ripe avocados | 2tbsp red onion, minced | 1/3C tomato, chopped | 1tbsp cilantro, minced | squeeze of lime


1. - Cut avocados in half, scoop out the flesh, and place in a bowl with a squeeze of lime to prevent browning. 

2. - Add 1tbsp of Riesling1 Pairing Salts, red onion, tomato and cilantro to avocado and mash till consistency that you like. Adding more Riesling Pairing Salt will enhance the natural sweetness of the avocado and tomato and brighten the taste of onion and lime - this is no ordinary salt!

3. - To store, pour a thin layer of lime juice over guacamole and place plastic wrap directly onto the guacamole to prevent oxidization and browning.