It wasn't by design that my kids got the glutton gene like their momma but more from being around me tasting and experimenting all the time. The idea of 'eating the rainbow' with roasted veggies and our Pairing Salts is nostalgic of time spent playing in the kitchen when they were kids and a guaranteed way of getting kids and even adults to try a ton of veggies! So simple, so good!

This recipe can be used on virtually all vegetables with your choice of Pairing Salts™. The time it takes to roast will vary depending on the vegetables used, but the finished products will all have a much deeper and naturally sweeter flavor and softer texture using this technique.

1. - Wash produce and cut into equal sized pieces, arranging in a single layer  for even cooking, on a greased sheet tray. 

2. - Sprinkle vegetables evenly with olive oil and Pairing Salts™ and place in a preheated 400 degree oven to roast. Turn vegetables after 15 minutes to check for even cooking and doneness.

3. - Remove from oven when roasted to your preferred doneness. Finish with additional Pairing Salts™ and olive oil. Plate and serve immediately.