POTATO PARSNIP LATKES; Intermediate Recipe

POTATO PARSNIP LATKES; Intermediate Recipe

The holidays are typically filled with tradition, guests, and all the trimmings. The fact that 2020 puts a different spin on it isn't reason to despair though. In fact, in keeping with Hanukkah or Festival of Lights, as we look towards finding the bright side, this year may be the opportunity to start new traditions including new recipes to be passed on to the next generation.

This 2020 Potato Parsnip latke is intended to be just that - with the hatch chile, tamarind and urfa biber in our Salts, we are aiming to bring you a version that is mildly sweet with a lingering touch of heat on the finish, just like 2020. Happy Hanukkah everyone.


Pinot Noir1 Pairing Salts | 6oz potato, grated | 6oz parsnips, grated | 1/4C shallots, thin slice | 1tbsp potato starch or corn starch | 1/4C flour  | 2 egg whites | 3/4C canola oil for frying

Cooking instructions:

1. - Mix 1tbsp Pinot Noir1 Pairing Salts, *egg whites, and *potato starch into a bowl. *Egg whites and potato starch vs. whole eggs and corn starch will result in a crisper and lighter latke.

2. - Add grated potato, parsnips, and shallots to egg mixture. Slowly add in flour until mixture resembles a sticky pancake batter. All flour may not be needed if you prefer a less dense potato pancake 'latke'.

3. - Heat canola oil in shallow pan on low heat. Test heat by adding a small amount of pancake mixture to ensure it is hot enough and begins to fry. Adding the mixture before this will result soggy, gummy pancake.

4. - Add mixture to oil in batches. Do not overcrowd pan, leaving enough room to fry and turn each pancake over, approximately 1.5minute per side until the edges are crisp and the latke is an even golden color.

5. - Place finished latkes on paper towel to remove residual oil. Finish with additional Pinot Noir1 Pairing Salt if desired. ( Pic: topped with thin matchsticks of tart Granny Smith Apple ) Serve immediately.