BRAISED PORK with PRUNES; advanced recipe

BRAISED PORK with PRUNES; advanced recipe

This recipe was inspired by nostalgia for travel - go away Covid!! - and the first time I visited friends in Paris way back in my 20s. I suddenly felt so cosmopolitan watching them throw a whole duck, prunes, dried branches of thyme, pinches of seasoning and some Pinot into a pot. Aside from parsley, I was unfamiliar with fresh herbs, let alone a braise. Little did I know that night as we sat and loved on that duck and the rest of that lovely Pinot that it was my intro to pairing flavors. So simple, so good!

Shopping list:

Pinot Noir1 Pairing Salts™ | 1/2C pitted prunes | 1lb pork tenderloin | 1 sweet onion | fresh thyme | and a bottle of Pinot Noir, your choice.


1. - Place 1/2 cup of prunes into a bowl, adding Pinot Noir wine until the prunes are covered. Set aside and let the prunes rehydrate and soak up all the yummy juice.

2. - Cut pork tenderloin into slices, approximately 2in thick, and season with 1tbsp of Pinot Noir1 Pairing Salts. Sear both sides for color in a hot pan, approximately one minute per side.

3. - Add prunes and wine to hot pan to deglaze. Then add in 1C sliced sweet onions, 1/2C water, and handfuls of fresh thyme plus 1tbsp of Pinot Noir1 Pairing Salts.

4. - Cover your pan with foil and place in oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.

5. - Plate and enjoy with your Pinot Noir wine.