Why We're Worth Our Weight In Salt

Why We're Worth Our Weight In Salt

Why Pairing Salts™ Are Worth Their Weight In Salt.

Salt has been an essential commodity dating back to ancient times.

Roads and cities were created at the time expressly for the salt trade, and workers were paid in salt versus money for their efforts. Eventually the Latin word ‘sal’, meaning salt, became the root of the word ‘salary’ across cultures given its universal value. Even today, this concept lingers and is used in idioms like, ‘Worth your weight in salt.’

Since, use of this white gold has found its way to being vital in essential industries such as food, farming, water treatment, and chemical processing and manufacturing.

Focusing on just the food aspect alone, salt is not simply a means to make food salty. In fact, it is a key nutrient source that also adds texture, color, and is fundamental in enhancing the taste ( salty, sweet, bitter, savory, spicy ) of every other ingredient it touches. What?! So now what?

Gone are the days when our only option was to add a pinch of salt and getting a bit wild by adding its sidekick spice, pepper. But, if you are like most people, wading into this world of exotic spices still feels daunting. 

How much salt do I use? What spices go with what? When do I add it? Now? How about now?  

Our chefs at Pairing Salts have made things simple for you. We understand the chemistry behind salt and whole spices — and have spent time applying these blends to every protein and vegetable combinations imaginable. 

To help figure out dinner, we have packaged our passion and knowledge into easy to use Pairing Salt Blends. We understand how perfectly paired salts and spices will 

  • Balance sweet and salty
  • Suppress bitterness
  • Release ingredients’ moisture and natural juices
  • Enhance the sensation of textures in food. 

We even have recommended wines and beers to pair with what you are cooking to balance your entire dining experience and takes away the intimidation factor when all you want is a great meal quickly and simply.

And, all of this is right on the package. We have a recommendation for any starting place. If you have meat, we have a vegetable and drink suggestion. If you have your priorities straight and just have the drink, we have tips on which meat and vegetable combination will best compliment your feast. Each of these combinations is expertly curated with the proper Pairing Salts® 

It really is that simple.