Ditch GrubHub on Date Night

Ditch GrubHub on Date Night

Pairing Salts™ eliminates the guesswork so you can prepare a dazzling meal - without a ton of prep or experience.

Has this quarantine got you reaching for the remote more than ever? Are you phoning it in for pizza…again?

Well, it’s probably a fact that a great dinner increases your chances of getting lucky.

Okay, so maybe that is not your goal -- you can still feed your Sig O good food. Without a ton of prep or experience. 

Pairing Salts eliminates any guesswork while preparing a dazzling meal.  

This isn’t a meal in a box, you still have to do the work -- but that’s the best part because shared creation is shared intimacy. 

With Pairing Salts™ you can always start with what you have: 

Got wine or beer? We have a salt and a meal recommendation

Got meat? We have a salt and a wine or beer pairing

Got nothing? No problem, we can recommend a meal, salts, and the best wine or beer to pair it all with. 

Pairing Salts™ chef-curated blends combine salt with select whole spices to enhance the honest tastes of your food and so you can pair your next dish with the perfect drink, simply by reading the label.

Put down the remote and go get yourself some Pairing Salts™ now.