Chardonnay 1


Seasoning Ingredients

Black cardamom, shallots, ginger, spice

About The Pairing

Chardonnay 1 is a full-flavored seasoning with hints of smoke and an herbaceous spice to boost the flavor of your meals. These flavors also balance the buttery, fruit notes in oaked chardonnay and round out the citrus notes of typically found in unoaked Chardonnay wines.

Pairs especially well with:

  • Lean or sweet meats like chicken, pork, veal, halibut, shrimp, scallops
  • Naturally sweet vegetables like carrots, parsnips, corn, squash, sweet potatoes
  • Creamy textures of sauces, soups, pastas, risotto

Meal Idea

Sauteed clams with pork belly | Grilled corn on the cob
Recommended pairing with oaked Chardonnay wine


1 review for Chardonnay 1

  1. tim

    single guy not needing a huge grocery list…convenient and healthier option to takeout. Delicious too, alone or paired…perfect go-to to plan a meal for a date.

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