Good Food is What You Decide You Like Best

Pairing Salts™ ingredients are all- natural and, while our serving sizes are not large enough to make an enormous impact on overall health, whole spices offer a clear advantage over articifial flavors, colors and ingredients that don’t exist outside a laboratory. We don’t make any specific health claims with our products, but we know that real food is good food…and every little bit of a good thing is a good thing.


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Black cardamom

Black cardamom is especially high in minerals like magnesium and zinc. May help to sooth an upset stomach. May help to fight inflammation.


Black sesame

Black sesame are rich in vitamin E, calcium and zinc. Vitamin E known to help keep skin vibrant and healthy. Zinc is known to help increase bone density and keep bones strong. Calcium also helps to keep bones strong.


Caraway seeds

Caraway seeds are a good source of dietary fibre. It contains various essential vitamins like A, E, C as well as a number of B-complex vitamins and is said to remove harmful free radicals from the body.


Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne Pepper may help with digestion, stimulation of blood circulation and is said to have anti bacterial properties. Capsacsum found in all chilies is also said to aid in weight loss.



Chives are nutrient dense, high in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.



Coriander is rich in immune-boosting antioxidants. May also help to lower blood sugar, promote gut health, and benefit both heart health and brain health.



Cumin is naturally rich in iron.


Dark Cocoa

Cocoa beans are rich in flavonoids, antioxidants that have been shown to boost heart health. Flavonoids also play a part in lowering cholesterol and blood pressure and aid in keeping coronary arteries healthy.




Fennel is a rich source of dietary fiber. It contains antioxidants that help to removing harmful free radicals from the body and may help fight aging



Ginger is sometimes used as a digestive aide, also as an appetite stimulant by stimulating the flow of saliva and digestive fluids.





Hibiscus may help lower blood pressure and fat levels in blood. It may boost liver health.


Honey Powder

Honey Powder contains Vitamin B, C, and essential minerals of calcium, iron, zinc, potassium, phosphorous, magnesium, and selenium, all which help to strengthen skin’s foundation.


Lime Kaffir

Lime Kaffir may promote oral health, detoxify the blood, boost skin health, improve digestion, lower inflammation, aid the immune system and improve hair health.


Lime Zest

Lime Zest nutrients may support heart health, reduce the risk of asthma, and promote healthy skin.




Mint can be used to help with digestion digestive or to relieve minor cold symptoms.


New Mexico Hatch Chile

NM Hatch Chile has been shown to reduce cholesterol. Eating a diet rich in chile may also increase extra energy and burn more calories to digest , helping to reduce weight.



Orange zest

Orange zest is rich in fiber, vitamins, and disease-fighting polyphenols. They also contain limonene, a chemical that may protect against skin cancer.



Paprika, a single tablespoon serving, provides ample amounts of nutrients, especially carotenoids — a nutrient family that includes vitamin A.



Pasilla Negro Chile

Pasilla Negro Chile are considered rich in Vitamins B, C, iron and magnesium. It is also high in dietary fiber and completely cholesterol-free.



Rosemary  is a rich source of dietary fiber and antioxidants to aid in removing harmful free radicals. May also help to fight aging.



Sea Salt

Sea Salt has an amazing mineral content and is a great source of electrolytes like magnesium, calcium, potassium, and sodium. These electrolytes are vital for muscle, brain and heart health.





Shallot is rich in minerals, vitamins and contain phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, manganese, iron and copper. They are also rich in vitamin B6 which plays a role in the functioning of the nervous and immune systems.




Shitake is said to boost the immune system, lower blood cholesterol levels, and for some to treat high blood pressure and stomach aches.




Tamarind contains polyphenols with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that may protect against diseases such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes. The seed extract may also help lower blood sugar, while the pulp extract may help you lose body weight and reverse fatty liver disease (check on seed/pulp)





Urfa Bieber Chile

Urfa bieber chile peppers are high in vitamins C and A, containing high amounts of potassium, iron and B-complex vitamins. The spicy peppers contain capsaicin, that has anti-inflammatory properties working as a pain reliever by releasing endorphins, acting as natural painkillers.